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palliatve care team

At Pallitus Health Partners, you’ve got a palliative care team full of professionals that are here for you to ensure you live better, longer. Our teams of doctors, nurse practitioners, nurses and social workers care for patients right at home. They work alongside your other doctors and specialists to help you navigate the challenges of serious illness — physical, medical, social, and emotional. Each member plays a significant role in your care plan, and it’s important for you to understand what each role does.

Patient Healthcare Providers
  • These are simply just your current doctors, such as your family physician or specialists.
  • They develop a patient specific plan of care in collaboration with the Pallitus team and receive ongoing updates regarding your status, condition, and goals of care.
Social Workers
  • Social workers explore and address emotional, financial and caregiving needs with patients and their families.
  • Provide direct counseling or refer you and your family to appropriate community agencies and assist with the completion of advance directives.
Registered Nurses
  • Our registered nurses provide telephone and telehealth assistance for you and your family to support your plan of care.
  • Coordinate care with your healthcare providers, primary caregiver and/or care center staff to make sure you get the right care at the right time.
  • Provide disease-specific education to increase both yours and your family’s understanding of your disease.
Physicians and NPs
  • Pallitus nurse practitioners make regular in-person visits to assess management of your symptoms and goals of care, along with helping you to complete advance directives.
  • Offer recommendations to your primary care provider, or directly manage your symptoms and medications to improve quality of life for you and your family, all with 24/7 support for emergent needs.
  • Medical oversight of other care team members and make visits to patients with complex needs.
  • Collaborate with your primary care provider or subspecialists to create a patient-driven plan of care.

Anyone can make a referral to Pallitus Health Partners. Call us today at 502-814-5408 or complete a referral form online to learn if you or your loved one would benefit from our services.