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Support with compassion and care.

Palliative care allows people with serious illness to manage pain and live more comfortably  — to thrive, rather than simply survive. Pallitus Health Partners works with the patient’s current medical care team to better manage symptoms stemming from both the disease and the treatment, improving quality of life in the process. Our multidisciplinary teams are experts across these specific types of care.

Palliative Care

palliatve care team

If you have a serious illness, Pallitus Health Partners provides expert, compassionate pain management to help you make the most of every day.

Kourageous Kids

Nothing is more heartbreaking than when a child gets a serious illness. These remarkable and courageous children often warm our hearts with their bravery, compassion for others, the love they convey with each smile, and the hope they bring to others.

Heart Connection®

Our Heart Connection® program provides palliative care to individuals with cardiac disease by customizing a plan of care to fit the needs and goals of each patient. While cardiac disease cannot be cured, symptoms of the disease can be managed if closely monitored. That’s where Pallitus Health comes in.

Lung Care

Advanced lung disease often has a high level of symptom burden and can be stressful on caregivers. Pallitus Health provides specialized care to manage the symptoms while decreasing hospital visits.