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Kourageous Kids

Kourageous Kids are remarkable kids.

Nothing is more heartbreaking than when a child gets a serious illness. These remarkable and courageous children often warm our hearts with their bravery, compassion for others, the love they convey with each smile, and the hope they bring to others. Let us help you and your child make the most of each day.

How our team can help.

In the Kourageous Kids program, we strive to keep your child comfortable and pain-free. Counseling and spiritual support are provided for each member of the family, as is 24-hour access to a nurse, chaplain, and social worker. Our healthcare staff can teach you how to be more confident in taking care of your child so you’ll be better able to create more memories, with opportunities like sponsored trips to the Louisville Zoo, theater, baseball games, fishing trips, or parties.

We care for all, no exceptions.

The Kourageous Kids program accepts many forms of private insurance as well as Medicare and Medicaid. A sliding scale determines the fee for service based on a family’s ability to pay. Through generous donations, the Kourageous Kids program will care for children living with serious illness regardless of the family’s financial situation.

These and many other organizations support the Kourageous Kids program: